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Top Email Service Provider List

1. Gmail

Gmail is the product of Google which is offering email and chat facility where allowing unlimited free online storage for all messages. It is work simple and smart way and offering POP and IMAP to access other email program. IMAP or POP can be access and send any address by its smart features sorting, searching and starring. Users can easily find and organize emails, contact list and chat conversations. Gmail is supported many rich text formatting to attach file with mailing are (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). it is offering Google Drive features where send file up to 10 GB in size and save received files to your drive account directly. There is spam filter which helpful to sort out the junk and fraud and viruses and worms are filtered, too. Gmail is offering free email storage space, In mailing Gmail is automatically manage the Inbox messages which is separated inbox tabs, offering search options to find mail message in quick way, filter and organize, forward and respond and reply also use templates for new messages. Gmail is offering a great features where you can easily open multiple account at a time if you have Gmail account so you can easily connected with Google other products like Google+, Google Calendar, IM group and video chat, YouTube video. get gmail cusotmer service helpline and Phone number

2. MSN Mail

MSN is a web portal and which is offering many Internet services and apps for Windows and mobile devices. Apps including are MSN News, weather, sports and money. MSN also offering free email service, anyone can easily create email account in MSN and use it for personal and professional purpose but sometime users have to facing many issues to using MSN email account so they need to customer support helpline where they can easily discuss their issues with technician and solve issues in easy way.


Outlook.com is offering free email services also offering unlimited storage can access on the web help of IMAP, POP and Exchange ActiveSync in email programs on mobile devices and desktop. It is offering option to organizing mail. Features of Outlook Mail Outlook is free email service provider with unlimited online storage. It is offering not only IMAP and POP access also ExchangeActiveSync to access mail and folders in outlook and other email devices. In outlook users can easily forward all incomings mail to another email address; it is offering keyword shortcuts to editing text. It is integrating with SkyDrive, you can send files up to 300 MB in size by outlook.com also share photos through SkyDrive albums. Outlook is offering filing messages features where you can apply free form categories for organization also manage emails category wise are newslatters, social updates and family. Which is already steup and applied to all matching emails? Search relevant emails fast in outlook with different parameters are sender, recipient, subject, folder and date. Quick views features are fast access to some emails which containing images and documents, outlook is offering many other exciting features which can be most helpful for outlook users like spam filter to keep accoun virus free or secure.

4. GMX

GMX mail are most reliable email service provider which is filtered in well manner of spam and viruses, it has unlimited online storage you can use it on mobile apps and web interface. GMX organized mail in smart ways. POP and iMAP access are available as paid. It is offering unlimited online storage and messages up to 50 MB which is allowing lots of mail and large attachment. It can be easily retrieve emails from other mail accounts like yahoo, gmail and outlook. GMX has filters features which can easily sort incoming mails in to folders or forward it. Vacation auto reply option available. If delete mail automatically go into spam and trash folder and other features included like address book, calendar and online storage where easily you can save your attached files.

5. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is providing email service with best storage, POP and IMAP access. Zoho mail most helpful for professional users, it can be most helpful organizing mail, identifying key messages and contacts, and sending replies. Zoho mail access to POP and IMAP, labels and search help to organize mail, zoho mail comes without display advertising. It is free email service provider and offering unlimited online storage. Certain paid zoho mail accounts offering ExchangeActiveSync for push email and synchronization features. Folders, labels to organize mail and spam filter also available, out-of-office auto responder which replies when you will not available, email searching option available, zoho chat instant message features offer some intergration with zoho apps and google docs for attachments. Business hosting plans let you use zoho mail with own domain and email policies

6. Hushmail

Hushmail is offering email service with many features PGP-encrypted email, file storage and vanity domain service. It is offering free and paid versions of service. If public encryption keys are available for both recipient and sender, it can covey authentication, encrypted messages in both directions. Hushmail allow up to 25MB free storage on their free account. It is completely reliable for android, blackberry, iPhone and other mobile devices also integrate outlook mail to hushmail account. Free mail account does not include IMAP or POP 3 protocol for desktop services if hushmail account is deactivated so they need to hushmail premium account. Hushmail offering two types of premium account first is provides 1 GB of storage with desktop service and another one is premium+Desktop paid account provides 10 GB of storage with IMAP and POP3 service.

7. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is free email service provider from Apple with best storage, it is support IMAP access and elegant function. It is not offer labels or other advanced features for productivity and other organizing mail features and does not support accessing other email accounts. iCloud Mail offers free access email through IMAP for easy set up Mac, window and iOS. It is not include advertisement. iCloud Mail is offering many keyboard shortcuts to operate iCloud mail account. 5 GB of online storage (shared with calendars, documents, backups, etc.

8. Yandex Mail

9. Mail.com Email

10. ProtonMail

11. Inbox Mail

Inbox mail is highly fast and functional way to access on web and through the POP program. It is providing only 5 GB storage for mail and IMAP is not supported by inbox mail. It is providing fast search, free form labels and reading mail. In inbox mail browser toolbar needed to active the account and in the browser needed to active the account and some places phone number verification is necessary. Offering spam and virus filter. 2 GB online storage and POP access is providing by Inbox mail. Inbox mail offering protect and privacy of remote images in emails can be blocked from automatic download, easily send messages up to size of 30 MB, providing 30 GB storage and daily backups. Offering some other features like calendar, notes, file storage and photo galleries.

More Useful Emails Which didn't make top 10

11. Lycos Mail

Lycos mail is supporting more advance features but it is offering solid 3 GB of storage space and offering option to send file has large size for that some degree. Lycos mail is provides spam filter and simple rules aside to organize mail using labels or folders such as Lycos mail currently does not accept new non paying users. Lycos mail has greatest and easy to use features are: Offering 3GB online storage, offering large file sending services which allowed large attachments, it is free web-based email service, effective junk mail protection, incoming mail filter, and set up three signatures and automatically replies of incoming mails also collect mails from other POP mail accounts.

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