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Aukamm Elementary School Customer Service Phone Number

Phone Number :   (678) 364-8000

Aukamm Elementary School is a school that is located in Wiesbaden, Germany and is the part of the Department of Defense Education Activity that is supported by the Kaiserslautern School District. The school imparts education to 230 students. The instruction specialists in the school are in the areas of special education, math, reading, speech/language, English and full time school nurse, itinera and counselor. If you are willing to contact at the school for your child’s admission but unable to locate the exact contact number then nothing to worry as you can find accurate details at Aukamm Elementary School support team and can avail necessary assistance.

Aukamm Elementary School Discussion Forum


If you are looking for assistance school staff then you can share you can share your queries and issues at the discussion forum. You can place your queries and Aukamm Elemenatry School support team of wizards would contact you to best solve your issues in the utmost manner sans any hassles and conflict.

Aukamm Elementary School Contact Number

The school has a well-managed and trained team of professionals who best cater to the needs and requirements of parents and offer them nothing but the best assistance. The services offered by the staff are appropriate and is intended to best resolve all the doubts and queries of the parents in the utmost manner. Aukamm Elementary School helpline number is also a contact point where parents can connect to academic professionals at school.

Call Time: 1 min — Mon-Sat: 8am-9pm CT Sun: 10am-7pm CT

Email : [email protected]

Web URL : http://www.dodea.edu/

Support URL : http://www.dodea.edu/Offices/Communications/contact.cfm

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